The application of SHS-GC-FID method for volatile saturated aldehydes and HPLC-DAD method for malondialdehyde determination in shelf-life prediction of gluten-free cookies

Marijana Sakač, Lato Pezo, Pavle Jovanov, Nataša Nedeljković, Anamarija Mandić, Mladenka Pestorić, Aleksandra Mišan


The aim of this study was to compare sensitivity of two analytical methods for prediction of the shelf-life of unpacked and packed gluten-free rice-buckwheat cookies kept at ambient (23±1 °C) and elevated (40±1 °C) temperature during storage, namely the static headspace gas chromatographic method with flame ionisation detection (SHS-GC-FID) for volatile saturated aldehydes (propanal (C3), pentanal (C5), hexanal (C6), heptanal (C7), and octanal (C8)) and the HPLC method for malondialdehyde (MDA) determination. Both methods resulted in obtaining the same end-points of cookie shelf-life – 3 and 5 months for unpacked and packed cookies kept at elevated temperature, respectively, and 11 and 14 months for unpacked and packed cookies kept at ambient temperature, respectively. Two computational approaches – second order polynomial (SOP) and artificial neural network (ANN) models were used accordingly. The aldehydes and MDA content calculation could be predicted with an overall coefficient of determination of 0.722 using ANN model compared to 0.312–0.773 for SOP models. According to the sensitivity analysis, it might be suggested that the relevant parameter for predicting the end-point of cookie shelf-life is MDA rather than C3, C5, C6, C7, and C8 content. 


cookies, shelf-life, aldehydes, malondialdehyde, mathematical modelling

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