The extraction of antioxidative compounds from rusks enriched with millet flour (Panicum Miliaceum L.)

Dajana Poleksić, Milica Pavlićević, Jelena Raković-Simić, Vladislav Rac, Biljana Vucelić-Radović, Vesna Rakić


Two different ways of extracting antioxidative compounds (including soluble polyphenols) from rusks made from wheat flour with addition of millet (Panicum Milliaceum L.) were compared: solvent extraction and in vitro digestion. Wheat flour was replaced by millet flour in amount of 10, 20 or 30 % (per dry mass). Solvent extraction was done using the mixture of ethanol and water in different percentages, with or without the addition of formic acid. Total phenolic compounds (TPC) contents were determined using Folin - Ciocalteu’s reagent; while antioxidative capacity was measured by DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) assay. Efficiency of solvent extraction was enhanced by the addition of formic acid. Addition of millet flour in amount up to 20 % enhanced antioxidative properties. It was shown that in vitro digestion was more efficient in extracting antioxidative compounds, in comparison with solvent extraction.


in vitro digestion; antioxidative activity; Folin–Ciocalteu method; DPPH test

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