Design and implementation of low-cost portable potentiostat based on WeChat Scientific paper

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Xiaoyan Shen
Ziqiang Li
Lei Ma
Xionghuan Bian
Xingsi Cheng
Xiongjie Lou


The potentiostat is critical in the development of electrochemical sys­tems; however, its cumbersome detection and high cost considerably limit its large-scale application. To provide an affordable alternative to developing count­ries and resource-constrained areas, this study designs an electrochemical det­ection system based on smartphones, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to con­vert open-source potentiostat data based on PSoC-5LP. The WeChat applic­ation on the smartphone provides an interface for entering experimental para­meters and visualizing the results in real time. The smartphone-based elec­tro­chemical det­ection system has a simple design and reduces the size (10×3×0.3 cm3) and the cost of the hardware ($ 18). The system performs the most com­monly used cyclic voltammetry for electrochemical detection, with results that are comparable to those obtained using a commercial potentiostat and an error rate of 1.3 %. In the classical teaching experiment of electro­chemical determin­ation of ascorbic acid in orange juice samples, the measured value of the sys­tem is 0.367±0.012 mg/mL, compared with the standard refer­ence value of 0.37 mg/mL, which is obviously a convincing value. Therefore, this system is a low-cost, reliable alter­native to a potentiostat for research, edu­cation or product integration develop­ment.


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X. . Shen, Z. Li, L. Ma, X. . Bian, X. . Cheng, and X. . Lou, “Design and implementation of low-cost portable potentiostat based on WeChat: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 5, pp. 603–614, Mar. 2022.


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