Palladium on carbon in PEG-400/cyclohexane: Recoverable and recyclable catalytic system for efficient decarbonylation of aldehydes Scientific paper

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Nataša Terzić-Jovanović
Vladimir Ajdačić


A simple methodology for the decarbonylation of aldehydes catal­ysed by commercially available palladium on carbon in a green two-solvent system is reported. Various aromatic, aliphatic and heteroaromatic aldehydes were transformed to the corresponding decarbonylated products in good yields. Pro­duct isolation from the reaction mixture is simple in practice, and the cat­alyst can be reused three times.


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N. Terzić-Jovanović and V. Ajdačić, “Palladium on carbon in PEG-400/cyclohexane: Recoverable and recyclable catalytic system for efficient decarbonylation of aldehydes: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 6, pp. 669–675, Apr. 2022.
Organic Chemistry

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