Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and Computational Study of Novel Protoberberine Derivatives

Milena Radovan Simić, Ana Damjanović, Marko Kalinić, Gordana Tasić, Slavica Erić, Jelena Antić-Stanković, Vladimir Savić


A novel and efficient synthetic route has been developed for the preparation of protoberberine derivatives. The methodology designed to control, primarily, substitution patterns on the terminal rings, was used to access a small array of these compounds. Initial biological profiling suggested anticancer potential of synthesised derivatives while structure-based target fishing has identified their potential targets and has established rational bases for further structural modifications. Although the activities need further improvement, our study demonstrated that the described approach may be useful in the discovery of the novel lead compounds.


Cytotoxic properties; protoberberine; privileged structure; synthesis; target fishing


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