Elaboration of nanostructured polyurethane foams / OMMT using a twin-screw extruder in counter-rotating mode

Yasmine Mahmoud, Zitouni Safidine, Hichem Zeghioud


In this work, we propose a new elaboration method of nanostructured foam polyurethane/Organo-modified Montmorillonite (PUR/OMMT) by in situ polymerization. The twin-screw extruder in contra-rotative mode combined with reaction injection moulding (RIM) as polymerization process was used. The blended polyols, copolymer polyol (CPP) were included between the OMMT layers via the twin-screw extruder. Both formulation of the PUR and inter-foliar distance in the montmorillonite (MMT) have been optimized. The effect of some parameters such as OMMT content and catalyst (triethylenediamine for PUR 3 and triethylenediamine+diamino-1,2 propane for PUR 4) was also undertaken. The synthesized materials (OMMT, PUR and PUR/OMMT) were characterized by different methods; Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Scanning electron microscope (SEM). The results of evaluation tests like flammability and the tensile for PUR 3+OMMT foams revealed that the optimum properties were obtained for PUR 3+2%OMMT. The PUR 4 foam admits mechanical and flame-retardant properties better than the PUR 3 (r = -NCO/-OH = 1.15) foam. However, the PUR 4 + 2 % OMMT formula exhibits the most delayed flame diffusion and pronounced rigidity.


Nnanocomposite; PUR rigid foam; OMMT; flame retardant


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