The extraction of Sr2+ with dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 in conventional organic solvent and ionic liquid diluents liquid diluents

Zheng Wei, Yang Gao, Yu Zhou, Caishan Jiao, Meng Zhang, Hongguo Hou, Wei Liu


90Sr (t1/2 = 28.8 a), one of the most significant fission products in high-level radioactive liquid waste (HLLW), contributes to a large part of the heat load and radiation. Removal of 90Sr from the HLLW is beneficial for the final treatment of nuclear waste. In this paper, the extraction of Sr2+ was car­ried out using dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 (DCH18C6) in a variety of diluents including conventional organic solvents and novel ionic liquid solvents. The effect of several factors, such as nitric acid concentration, crown ether concen­tration and initial strontium concentration on the extraction of Sr2+ have been studied com­prehensively. The higher distribution ratio and the stripping effi­ciency of Sr2+ were obtained with the binary diluents consisted of n-octanol and acetylene tetra­chloride, which were compared with that using pure n-oct­anol as diluent. As for the CnmimNTf2 (n = 2, 4, 6) ionic liquid solvent sys­tems, the distribution ratio of Sr2+ was much higher in the nitric acid medium with low concentration than in the traditional solvent systems. The results showed that DC2mimNTf2 > DC4mimNTf2 > DC6mimNTf2, which indicated that shorter carbon chain benefits the extraction of Sr2+.


strontium extraction; crown ether; diluent effect; high level liquid waste

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