The Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society (JSCS) considers for publication only original papers that have not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. If there is a similar paper being considered for publication in any form, it must be cited in the manuscript and the editor notified at the time of submission. Authors are allowed to store a preprint version of their manuscript on a recognized preprint server such as ChemRxiv, arXiv, or on any repository that provides a public identifier (e.g. DOI) prior to submission. In that case, the authors are obliged to indicate in the cover letter any use of the preprint platform and provide a link to the preprint version of the paper, and also to inform the editor of any changes to the manuscript between deposit and submission.

After the publication in JSCS, authors are required to add a link from the preprint to the published paper via a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). ChemRxiv adds this link for authors automatically after publication.


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