Kinetics of the exchange of water absorbed in silica hydrogel with ethanol: Modelling by Brouers and Sotolongo–Costa fractal kinetics Scientific paper

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Borivoj Adnađević
Nebojša Cvetković
Jelena Jovanović


Isothermal kinetics of the exchange of absorbed water in a silica hyd­ro­gel (SH) with ethanol was examined. The isothermal kinetic curves of abs­orbed water exchange with ethanol were measured at the temperatures: = 297, 306 and 316 K. The rate of the exchange was analysed as a function of time. The possibility of mathematical description of the kinetics of exchange by the Brouers and Sotolongo–Costas (BS) fractals kinetics model was exam­ined. Parameter values (n, τ, β) of the model and their changes with tempe­ra­ture were calculated. By applying the method of Ozao, it was determined that the rate limiting step of the process of exchange was the rate of exchange of the absorbed water with ethanol. Values of the fractal dimension of the SH–ethanol interphase were calculated. The dependences of the effective time-dependent rate coefficient, activation energy and pre-exponential factor on time and deg­ree of exchange were calculated and discussed. The proposed model of the mechanism of the exchange of absorbed water with ethanol was discussed.


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B. Adnađević, N. Cvetković, and J. Jovanović, “Kinetics of the exchange of water absorbed in silica hydrogel with ethanol: Modelling by Brouers and Sotolongo–Costa fractal kinetics: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 86, no. 9, pp. 819–830, Aug. 2021.
Physical Chemistry


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