A Study of copper leaching from the tailings of the Karagaily (Republic of Kazakhstan) concentrating factory using an electric hydropulse discharge Scientific paper

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Askhat Borsynbayev
Khylysh Omarov
Yedige Mustafin
David Havlíček
Zaure Absat
Aigul Muratbekova
Dauletkhan Kaikenov
Alexandr Pudov
Nikita Shuyev


The method for using concentration plants tailings is proposed for the first time in this study. These tailings contain a number of valuable metals, such as Cu, Fe, Zn, etc., and are a potential raw material for obtaining con­centrates of some elements. An electrohydropulse discharge was used to inten­sify the process of copper leaching and other metals. Ammonium bifluoride, the most effective of the ammonium salts used in copper leaching by the ammonization method, was chosen as the reagent. The influences of significant leaching parameters were studied and optimized using probabilistic determin­istic planning of experiment. Based on the study findings, the following pr­o­cess conditions were found to be optimal: mass ratio of solid to liquid (S:L) of 1:1; Cu:F = 1:6; sulphuric acid concentration 40 g L-1; experiment duration 30 min; discharge voltage 10 kV and a leaching efficiency of 80‑85 % could be achieved. Comparative features of tailings samples from the Karagaily (Republic of Kazakhstan) concen­tration plant  were studied using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and atomic emission spectral analysis. The study results showed that copper was maximally transferred to the aqueous phase.


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A. . Borsynbayev, “A Study of copper leaching from the tailings of the Karagaily (Republic of Kazakhstan) concentrating factory using an electric hydropulse discharge: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 7-8, pp. 925–937, Mar. 2022.
Metallic Materials and Metallurgy


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