Mathematical approaches to a method of semiconductor materials films synthesis type AIIBVI for photosensitive structures used in alternative energy

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Ruslana Guminilovych
Pavlo Shapoval
Martyn Sozanskyi
Vitalii Stadnik
Liliya Deva


The scientific direction of the synthesis of CdS and CdSe thin films by the method of chemical surface deposition (CSD) using aqueous solutions of cadmium-containing salts: chloride, nitrate, sulfate, acetate, iodide has been developed. A mathematical model of the CSD process of CdS and CdSe thin films was developed to improve the efficiency of experiments and reduce costs. The model makes it possible to determine the concentration of reagents, the duration, and the CSD temperature, which are necessary to obtain films of a specified thickness. The optimization of chemical deposition parameters of film-type semiconductor materials has been carried out. Based on the mathematical model, the optimal synthesis conditions were the next: concentration of cadmium-source salt – 0.01 mol/L, chalcogenizer – 1.0 mol/L or 0.1 mol/L in the chase of thiourea or sodium selenosulfate, respectively; temperature – 70 °C and duration of 3 min. The mathematical dependence of the experimental studies results of the metal ions content in thin-film solar cells for the effective direct conversion of solar radiation into electrical energy taking into account errors was proposed.


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R. Guminilovych, P. Shapoval, M. Sozanskyi, V. Stadnik, and L. Deva, “Mathematical approaches to a method of semiconductor materials films synthesis type AIIBVI for photosensitive structures used in alternative energy”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., Jan. 2024.
Theoretical Chemistry


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