The influence of pyrolysis type on shale oil generation and its composition (Upper layer of Aleksinac oil shale, Serbia)

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Gordana Đ. Gajica
Aleksandra M. Šajnović
Ksenija A. Stojanović
Milan D. Antonijević
Nikoleta M. Aleksić
Branimir S. Jovančićević


The influence of pyrolysis type on shale oil generation and its composition was studied. Different methods such as Rock-Eval pyrolysis, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and pyrolysis in the open and closed systems were applied. Samples from the Upper layer of Aleksinac oil shale (Serbia) were used as a substrate and first time characterized in detail. The impact of kerogen content and type on the shale oil generation in different pyrolysis systems was also estimated. Majority of the analysed samples have total organic carbon content > 5 wt. % and contain oil prone kerogen types I and/or II. Therefore, they can be of particular interest for the pyrolytic processing. Thermal behavior of analysed samples obtained by TGA is in agreement with Rock-Eval parameters. Pyrolysis of oil shale in the open system gives higher yield of shale oil than pyrolysis in the closed system. The yield of hydrocarbons (HCs) in shale oil produced by open pyrolysis system corresponds to an excellent source rock potential, while HCs yield from the closed system indicates a very good source rock potential. The kerogen content has a greater impact on the shale oil generation than kerogen type in the open pyrolysis system, while kerogen type plays a more important role on generation of shale oil than the kerogen content in the closed system. The composition of obtained shale oil showed certain undesirable features, due to the relatively high contents of olefinic HCs (open system) and polar compounds (closed system), which may require further treatment to be used.


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G. Đ. Gajica, A. M. Šajnović, K. A. Stojanović, M. D. Antonijević, N. M. Aleksić, and B. S. Jovančićević, “The influence of pyrolysis type on shale oil generation and its composition (Upper layer of Aleksinac oil shale, Serbia)”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 82, no. 12, pp. 1461–1477, Dec. 2017.


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