Ionic-interaction of aqueous and alcoholic poly(vinyl alcohol) in the presence of protons

Saima Naz, Rehana Saeed


The ionic-interactions of acetic acid in H2O–PVOH and H2O–alco­hol–PVOH solvent systems were studied at different temperatures by the vis­cosity method. The viscosities of the poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVOH) were inc­reased with increasing concentration of PVOH and decreased with the inc­reasing concentration of acetic acid. The viscosity data were used to evaluate the ion–ion interactions and ion–solvent interactions in terms of the A and B coefficients of the Jones–Dole equation, respectively. The negative values of the B-coefficient increased with increasing temperature, showing that the acid behaves as a structure breaker in PVOH–solvent mixtures and consequently, the values of the A-coefficient were decreased with increasing temperature. Thermodynamic parameters, such as energy of activation (Ea*), Gibbs energy change of activation (∆G*) and entropy change of activation (∆S*) were also calculated as a function of the acid (CH3COOH) concentration, PVOH com­po­sition, alcohols and temperature.


viscosity; alcohols; ion–solvent interaction; thermodynamic parameters


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