The impact of coal ash and slag dump on the quality of surface and ground waters – A case study (Note)

Ivana Ćipranić, Radmila Marković, Stefan Đorđievski, Zoran Stevanović, Marija Stevanović


This paper presents the assessment of the impact of coal ash and slag from the "Maljevac" dump on the quality of water of Paleški Creek, Montenegro. The obtained results confirm the negative influence of surface and groundwater from the dump on the water from the Paleški Creek. The results obtained by testing of the water samples collected from Paleški Creek upstream of the dump indicate that the water is qualified as water which can be used for drinking after simple physical treatment and disinfection. The results obtained for the water samples collected from the Paleški creek downstream from the dump indicate that the water could be safe for drinking only after the treatment that requires an intensive physical, chemical and biological processing, including extended treatment.


coal ash; coal slag; water quality

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