Effect of electrochemical parameters and working electrode material on the characteristics of bismuth (III) oxide obtained by electrodeposition and thermal oxidation (Extended abstract)

Milica M. Petrović, Slobodan M. Najdanović, Miloš M. Kostić, Miljana D. Radović Vučić, Nena D. Velinov, Danijela V. Bojić, Aleksandar Lj. Bojić


Bismuth (III) oxide was obtained by electrodeposition, followed by thermal treatment in air environment. The applied electrodeposition current density and electrode potential affect the surface morphology and chemical composition of the obtained deposit before and after the thermal treatment at 350ºC, as well as its crystal structure after the thermal treatment at 350ºC. The listed parameters affect the deposit’s morphology after the thermal treatment at 600 ºC, but do not affect its chemical composition and crystal structure. Working electrode material does not affect the characteristics of synthesized material.


bismuth (III) oxide, current density; potential; electrode; synthesis; control

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.2298/JSC190130014P

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