Hysteresis of conductivity in a micellar surfactant solution near the Krafft point pointt point

Jelena Ž. Manojlović


The specific conductivity of aqueous cetyltrimethylammonium bro­mide solutions has been investigated below and above the critical micelle con­centration, in order to elucidate slow structural changes. Around the Krafft temperature (≈25 °C) the monomer solubility reaches the critical micelle con­centration, and a significant increase in charge transport is recorded. When a temperature decreases, the micellar surfactant solution passes through the Krafft temperature, and a hysteresis phenomenon is observed with the appear­ance of crystals in a solution. We have scrutinized the conditions leading to this hysteresis and quantified some of the relevant parameters. We also outline a simple procedure that allows the “erasure” of such structural memory effects, which are potentially detrimental to the formation of adsorbed self-assembled monolayers from solution. 


surfactants; self-assembled monolayers; the Krafft temperature; conductivity; hysteresis

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