Preparation of composite zein/natural resin nanoparticles

Ljiljana Spasojević, Jaroslav Katona, Sandra Bučko, Lidija Petrović, Jelena Milinković Budinčić, Jadranka Fraj, Altynay Sharipova, Saule Aidarova


The aim of this work was to investigate a possibility of preparing composite zein/natural resin (shellac and rosin) nanoparticles by antisolvent co–precipitation from their aqueous ethanol solutions. Influence of zein/resin mass ratio (1/0, 0.8/0.2, 0.5/0.5, 0.4/0.6 and 0/1) and pH (2–12) on particle size, d, and zeta potential, z, of the prepared particles was studied. Functional properties of zein/rosin composite nanoparticles were evaluated by studying carvacrol encapsulation. It was shown that antisolvent precipitation can successfully be used to prepare shellac and rosin nanoparticles, as well as composite zein/shellac and zein/rosin nanoparticles. Colloidal properties, d and z, of the obtained nanoparticles are influenced by zein/resin mass ratio and pH of nanoparticles’ dispersions. Isoelectric point of composite nanoparticles can be modulated by varying zein/resin mass ratio. It was found that zein/rosin nanoparticles are suitable for carvacrol encapsulation, where carvacrol release is enhanced by increasing rosin share in composite zein/rosin nanoparticles.


zein; shellac; rosin; biopolymer; encapsulation

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