Electroless deposition of Fe-Ni alloys from acidic and alkaline solutions using hypophosphite as a reducing agent

Stojan Djokić, Željka Antić, Nada Djokić, Thomas Thundat


Deposition of Fe-Ni alloys from acidic and alkaline solutions using hypophosphite as a reducing agent is studied in this work. The experimental results confirm the autocatalytic nature of this process. The composition of alloys is practically independent of temperature of deposition. Fe-Ni alloys produced from acidic solutions contained less than 1% Fe. The amount of Fe in Fe-Ni alloys produced from alkaline solutions was estimated at about 15 %. Deposition of Fe-Ni alloys was significantly faster in the alkaline than in the acidic solutions, due to more pronounced hydrolysis of Fe(II) and Ni(II) ions under the alkaline conditions. The Fe-Ni alloys produced from both acidic and alkaline solutions contain phosphorus and as such exhibit an amorphous structure.


hydrolysis; chemical deposition; mechanism

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