Heterotrophic nitrogen removal by a newly-isolated microorganism, Oligella sp. XS68

Hong De Yan, Jian Jiang Wu, Pei Ya Xu


A new bacterium capable of heterotrophic nitrogen removal was isolated and identified as Oligella sp. XS68. The strain exhibited efficient heterotrophic nitrogen removal capabilities, with a low accumulation of nitrification products. Single-factor experiments indicated that efficient nitrogen removal and growth of the strain XS68 occurred with sodium succinate as carbon source, C/N ratio 15, pH 6.0-9.0, temperature 30-37 °C, and shaking speed 160‑200 rpm. The ammonium nitrogen removal efficiency could achieve 98 % within 96 h when the initial nitrogen concentration was 421.3 mgL-1. These findings demonstrate that XS68 was a promising candidate for nitrogen removal in wastewater treatments.


wastewater treatment; biological treatment; nitrification; denitrification; ammonium

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