Preparation of FePO4x2H2O from LiFePO4 mixed with LiNixCoyMn1–x–yO2 waste material

Honghui Tang, Yanchao Qiao, Xi Dai, Feng Tan, Qiang Li


A method for preparing battery grade FePO4×2H2O from LiFePO4 and LiNixCoyMn1-x-yO2 mixed waste is proposed. The optimum leaching con­ditions included: temperature of 50 °C, 3:1 liquid–solid mass ratio, 3.6 HCl/FePO4×2H2O mole ratio, 0.75 H2O2/FePO4×2H2O mole ratio, and 2 h reaction time. The solution obtained from the leaching waste material was diluted to a 1.0 M Fe concentration, then transferred to an 1 L beaker, where temperature, pH, complexing agent, ammonia addition rate and feeding mode were studied in order to determine their effects on the precipitation, particle size and mor­pho­logy of FePO4×2H2O. High precipitation rate of Fe with low percentages of Al, Ni, Co, Mn in the FePO4×2H2O is achievable when preci­pit­ation is per­formed at a temperature of 85 °C, pH of 2.0, and 20 g L-1 com­plexing agent. Furthermore, it was observed that a slow addition of ammonia and a flow feed­ing method contributed to the production of FePO4×2H2O, with small particle sizes and a flake morphology.


spent materials; complexing; preparation; FePO4 2H2O

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