Preparation of FePO4·2H2O from LiFePO4 mixed with LiNixCoyMn1-x-yO2 waste material

Honghui Tang, Yanchao Qiao, Xi Dai, Feng Tan, Qiang Li


A method for preparing battery-grade FePO42H2O from LiFePO4 and LiNixCoyMn1-x-yO2 mixed waste is proposed. The optimum leaching conditions included:  temperature of 50 oC, 3:1 liquid-solid ratio, 3.6 HCl/FePO4 2H2O mole ratio, 0.75 H2O2/FePO4 2H2O mole ratio, and 2 h reaction time. The solution obtained from the leaching waste material was diluted to a 1 M Fe concentration, then transferred to a 1 L beaker, where temperature, pH, complexing agent, ammonia addition rate and feeding mode were studied to determine their effects on the precipitation, particle size and morphology of FePO4 2H2O. High precipitation rate of Fe with low percentages of Al, Ni, Co, Mn in the FePO42H2O is achievable when precipitation is performed at a temperature of 85oC, pH of 2.0, and 20 g L-1 complexing agent. Furthermore, it was observed that slow addition of ammonia and a flow feeding method contributed to the production of FePO42H2O with small particle sizes and a flake morphology.


spent materials; complexing; preparation; FePO4 2H2O

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