Belgrade School of Electrochemistry

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Aleksandar B. Dekanski


Belgrade School of Electrochemistry is not made of institutions, building, not even the community. It is made of people and their knowledge, achievements and results. It has no date of establishment nor defined start, and we hope it also wont have an end. It was created as a result of several decades of scientists efforts to accumulate knowledge and pass it on to future gener­ations, to contribute with their research and results, to conquer new knowledge and advance the society as a whole. Its initiators and founders were not aware that they are starting something that will become recognised on a global level in the field of electrochemical science, they even didnt want that — they were simply devoted to their science and they tried to pass that devotion on to the future generations. The name Belgrade School of Electrochemistry appeared in the global electrochemical community even before we ourselves became aware of it, as a term which, first of all, defines one of the most important centres of electrochemical science in the world, and most definitely, the largest and the most developed in this part of Europe. It equally relates to the system of edu­cation and the importance and influence of the results and achieved knowledge of the scientists who originated from the Belgrade University on the world of electrochemistry.


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A. B. Dekanski, “Belgrade School of Electrochemistry”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 85, no. 9, pp. 1237–1250, Sep. 2020.
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