Optimization of the slaughterhouse water treatment rate by a new Marinobacter carbonoclasticus SF and its biosurfactant Scientific paper

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Nadia Mihoubi
Samira Ferhat
Redha Alouaoui
Abdellah Ibrir
Mohamed Nedjhioui
Abdelmalek Badis


The aim of this study consists of the production of a bio-surfactant from a new bacterial strain, Marinobacter hydrocarbono clasticus SF (96.76 % simila­rity) isolated from soil contaminated by hydrocarbons in Hassi-Mes­saoud (Southern Algeria) to treat liquid effluent from slaughterhouse water. The char­acteristics of organic matter biodegradation tests were discussed. Des­pite the high pollutant load and the unfavorable physicochemical composition of the effluent, the specific growth rate of the isolated strain after 10 days of incub­ation in the range of 0–30 g L-1 of NaCl was at neutral pH 7.4 and tempe­rature of 45 °C. The best bio-surfactant production yield was obtained after 72 h of incubation and under the optimal production conditions such as diesel as car­bon source, ammonium chloride as nitrogen source, and a C/N ratio of 5. The bio-surfactant produced is of glycolipid type with a low critical micellar con­cen­tration (CMC), good emulsifying power, and chemical and functional stab­ility. Significant pollutant removal efficiency was obtained using the bacte­rial strain (up to 82 %) and the bio-surfactant (up to 96 %). Several anions, such as nitrates, phosphates, ammonium, and suspended solids, were measured.


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N. Mihoubi, S. Ferhat, R. Alouaoui, A. Ibrir, M. Nedjhioui, and A. Badis, “Optimization of the slaughterhouse water treatment rate by a new Marinobacter carbonoclasticus SF and its biosurfactant: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 11, pp. 1327–1340, May 2022.
Environmental Chemistry

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