Response surface methodology for the study of interactions between components in a micellar system formulation Scientific paper

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Souhila Omari
Mohamed Nedjhioui
Nadjia Hamidi
Othmane Benkortbi
Nabil Bouarra


This work was aimed at the examination of the interaction of certain physicochemical properties on micellar systems constituting of a polymer (sodium alginate), two surfactants (CTAB and tween 80), and Algerian olive oil. Response surface modelling (RSM) was applied to study the combined effects of systems containing each type of surfactant. The monitoring of four independent parameters, i.e., the interfacial tension (Y1), the conductivity (Y2), the viscosity (Y3) and the turbidity (Y4) as responses for the experimental design model, allowed the determination of the performance of the established models. Based on statistical analyzes, the coefficients R2 and Q2 for the inter­facial tension, the conductivity, the viscosity and the turbidity are: 0.998 and 0.805; 0.982 and 0.742; 0.976 and 0.734, and 0.985 and 0.723, respectively. The obtained results indicate that these models showed a good predictive power for an optimal system composed of CTAB, Tween 80, AlgNa, and olive oil. For the CTAB/AlgNa and CTAB/olive oil systems, interfacial tension values of 33.85 and 34.39 mN m-1, respectively, and maximum conductivity values of 4.126 and 4.064 mScm-1, respectively, were obtained. For viscous compounds consisting of AlgNa/Olive Oil and AlgNa/Tween 80, maximum viscosity values of 202.5 and 196.6 mPa s, respectively, were obtained. For the same systems as those for viscosity, turbidity values of 300 and 304 NTU, res­pectively, were obtained.


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S. . Omari, M. . Nedjhioui, N. . Hamidi, O. Benkortbi, and N. . Bouarra, “Response surface methodology for the study of interactions between components in a micellar system formulation : Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 86, no. 7-8, pp. 725–738, Aug. 2021.


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