Determination of low alloying elements concentrations in cast iron by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy based on TEA CO2 laser system

Jelena J. Savović, Sanja M. Živković, Miloš Momčilović, Milan Trtica, Milovan Stoiljković, Miroslav Kuzmanović


The analytical capability of laser-produced plasma for the analysis of low alloying elements in cast iron samples has been investigated. The plasma was induced by irradiation of a sample in air at atmospheric pressure using an infrared CO2 laser. Emission spectra were recorded by time-integrated spati­ally-resolved measurement technique. A set of ten cast iron samples in a pow­der or particulate form were provided by BAM (Bundesanstalt für Material forschung und prüfung, Deutschland), seven of which were used for calib­ration, and three were treated as unknowns. Linear calibration curves were obtained for copper, chromium, and nickel, with correlation coefficients above 0.99. Precision and accuracy of the LIBS method was evaluated and compared to those obtained by the inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis of the same samples. Detection limits for Cu, Cr and Ni were close to those reported in the literature for other comparable iron-based alloys obtained using different LIBS systems. Analytical figures of merit of the studied LIBS system may be con­sidered as satisfying, especially in the light of other advantages of the method, like cost effective and fast analysis with no sample preparation, and with a pos­sibility for real-time on-site analysis.


nanosecond Transversely Excited Atmospheric carbon dioxide laser (TEA CO2); laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy; quantitative analysis; cast iron

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