Fatty acid composition including trans-fatty acids in salty snack foods from Serbian market

Jasmina B Timić, Ivana D Đuričić, Danijela K Ristić-Medić, Slađana S Šobajić


The rapid increase in consumption of salty snack products has led to increased concern about their composition and nutritive value. The aim of this study was to investigate fat content and fatty acid profile in salty snack products from Serbian market. Total of 58 different snack product from 3 categories (Baked products, Chips&flips products, Cereal products) were analyzed. Fatty acid composition was determined using gas chromatography. Total fat content ranged from 3.1% in expanded rice to 35.7% in potato chips. Palmitic, oleic, and linoleic acids constituted > 80% of all fatty acids (FAs) in categories of Baked products and Chips&flips. Linoleic acid was more abundant in category of Cereal products (15.5-49.3%). Trans FAs elaidic (C18:1 - 9t) and linol-elaidic FAs (18:2 - 9t, 12t) were identified in 66% products. The highest average tFAs content had flips products (16.3%), followed by flips group (9.3%). Potential tFAs intake from 100 g of analyzed products was in range 0.1-4.9 g. This study provided large database on saturated fatty acids and tFAs content in salty snack products and indicated that by consuming only one package of some products tFAs intake could surpass recommended maximum of 1% of daily energy.


savoury snacks; lipid profile; gas chromatography

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