The production of cellulase from the waste tobacco residues remaining after the polyphenols and nicotine extraction and the bacterial pretreatment

Aneta V. Buntić, Olivera S. Stajković-Srbinović, Dušica I. Delić, Suzana I. Dimitrijević-Branković, Marija D. Milić


The agricultural by-products are generated in large amounts in various industries, creating a serious disposal problem. Valorization of tobacco waste for the extraction of value-added compounds and the production of enzyme can reduce both, the problems of its disposal and the costs of cellulase production. Up to now, there were no reported papers about the utilization of tobacco residues (after extraction of polyphenols and nicotine, and fermentation pretreatment by Streptomyces fulvissimus CKS7) for the production of cellulase (CMCase and Avicelase) by Paenibacillus chitinolyticus CKS1. The optimal conditions of the polyphenols and nicotine extraction process were obtained using Response surface methodology: 60s of extraction time in water and 30 ml g-1 of liquid/solid ratio. After the applied bacterial fermentation as a pretreatment of tobacco residues, using the Paenibacillus species, the extraction of polyphenols decreased up to 10%, while the extraction of nicotine increased up to 35%. Afterward, the maximum of cellulase activities (CMCase of 0.878 U g-1and Avicelase of 1.417 U g-1) were achieved by using of the strain CKS1.


lignocellulosic waste; microwave-assisted extraction; solid-state fermentation; CMCase and Avicelase activity

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