Evaluation of derivatives of 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-one as inhibitors of cholinesterases and their antioxidant activity: In vitro, in silico and kinetics studies Scientific paper

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Oluwatoyin Babatunde
Shehryar Hameed
Kingsley Adibe Mbachu
Faiza Saleem
Sridevi Chigurupati
Abdul Wadood
Ashfaq Ur Rehman
Vijayan Venugopal
Khalid Mohammed Khan
Muhammad Taha
Olusegun Ekundayo
Maria Aqeel Khan


In search of potent inhibitors of cholinesterase enzymes and anti­oxid­ant agents, synthetic derivatives of dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-one (138) were evaluated as potential anti-Alzheimer agents through in vitro acetylcholine­ster­ase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) inhibitions and radical (DPPH and ABTS) scavenging activities. The structure–activity relationship (SAR) was mainly based on the different substituents at the aryl part which showed a significant effect on the inhibitory potential of enzymes and radical scavenging activities. The kinetic studies of most active compounds showed a noncom­petitive mode of inhibition for AChE and a competitive mode of inhibition for the BChE enzyme. Additionally, molecular modelling studies were carried out to investigate the possible binding interactions of quinazolinone derivatives with the active site of both enzymes.


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O. Babatunde, “Evaluation of derivatives of 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-one as inhibitors of cholinesterases and their antioxidant activity: In vitro, in silico and kinetics studies: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 88, no. 9, pp. 825–840, Sep. 2023.
Organic Chemistry

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