Soil organic carbon stock variation with climate and land use in shale derived soils

Ayaz Mehmood, Mohammad Akhtar, Shah Rukh, Muhammad Imran, Asma Hasan, Kashif Abbasi, Abdul Qayyum, Talat Mahmood, Waseem Ahmed, Khuram Shahzad, Ayub Khan, Zahoor Ahmad


Anthropogenic activities, urbanization and industrialization cause an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Current focus of soil scientists and environmentalists is to quantify carbon stocks and its flow in agroecological system which is one of the main culprits of global warming and climate change. The information on distribution of soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks along the soil profiles in relation with changing climate is scant. Objective of this study was to quantify the effect of climate and land use on equilibrium of SOC stocks in soil profiles with development. Murree soil series (Typic Hapludolls) in humid climate and was under coniferous forest, and Tirnul soil series (Typic Haplustepts) in semiarid climate was under cultivation, were selected. Triplicate soil profiles were selectedfor each of the soils and sampled at genetic horizons level. Cumulative SOC stocks in Typic Hapludolls soil profiles (95 Mg ha-1) were significantly greater than Typic Haplustepts (30 Mg ha-1). The Typic Hapludolls had significantly greater SOC stock at each horizon level under humid climate. This research concludes that soils under forest and humid climate had higher SOC stocks as compared to the soils under semiarid climate and cultivation.  


soil genesis; cultivation; climate; land use; carbon stocks

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