Glutamic acid as green and bio-based α-amino acid catalyst promoted one-pot access to polyfunctionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles

Farzaneh Mohamadpour


A highly versatile and convenient synthetic route for biologically act­ive α-amino acid, glutamic acid catalyzed facile and mild preparation of poly­functionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles via one-pot, four condensation dom­ino reaction between aromatic/aliphatic amines, dialkyl acetylenedicar­boxyl­ates and formaldehyde have been studied. The route includes green, biodegradable and inexp­ensive α-amino acid catalyst, high atom-economy, simplicity of oper­at­ion and work-up procedures, without chromatographic purification steps. The solid cat­alyst, non-toxic or hazardous, easily handled with mild reaction con­ditions and excellent yields are the notable benefits of the highly efficient and expedient synthesis of these products.


glutamic acid; green and biodegradable α-amino acid catalyst; poly-functionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles; one-pot procedure; simple work-up


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