Glutamic acid as green and bio-based α-amino acid catalyst promoted one-pot access to polyfunctionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles

Farzaneh Mohamadpour


A highly versatile and convenient synthetic route for biologically active α-amino acid, glutamic acid catalyzed facile and mild preparation of polyfunctionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles via one-pot, four condensation domino reaction between aromatic/aliphatic amines, dialkyl acetylenedicar­boxylates and formaldehyde have studied. The green, biodegradable and inexpensive α-amino acid catalyst, high atom-economy, simplicity of operation and work-up procedures, and no necessity of chromatographic purification steps, avoidance of hazardous or toxic catalysts, the availability and easy to handle of this solid catalyst, excellent yields and mild reaction conditions are the notable benefits for the highly efficient and expedient synthesis of these products.


glutamic acid; green and biodegradable α-amino acid catalyst; polyfunctionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles; one-pot procedure; simple work-up

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