Metal powder electrolysis: the shape of powder particles as a function of the exchange current density and overpotential for hydrogen evolution reactionion - Extended abstract

Nebojša D. Nikolić


The short survey of the dependence of the shape of electrolytically produced powder particles on the exchange current density for metal depo­sition and overpotential for hydrogen evolution reaction is presented. The dec­rease of the exchange current density leads to a branching of dendrites and their transformation from needle-like and the two-dimensional (2D) fern-like to the three-dimensional (3D) pine-like shapes. Vigorous hydrogen evolution inhibits the dendritic growth leading to a formation of cauliflower-like and the spongy-like particles. The very thin needles were obtained by molten salt elec­trolysis. Mechanisms responsible for the formation of both the dendritic (the general theory of disperse deposits formation) and the cauliflower-like and the spongy-like particles (the concept of „effective overpotential“) were also men­tioned.



electrolysis; powder; particles; scanning electron microscope (SEM)

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