Metal powder electrolysis: the shape of powder particles as a function of the exchange current density and overpotential for hydrogen evolution reactionion - Extended abstract

Nebojša D. Nikolić


The short survey of the dependence of the shape of electrolytically produced powder particles on the exchange current density for metal deposition and overpotential for hydrogen evolution reaction is presented. The decrease of the exchange current density leads to a branching of dendrites and their transformastion from needle-like and the two dimensional (2D) fern-like to the three dimensional (3D) pine-like shapes. Vigorous hydrogen evolution inhibits dendritic growth leading to a formation of cauliflower-like and the spongy-like particles. The very thin needles were obtained by molten salt electrolysis. Mechanisms responsible for formation of both the dendritic (the general theory of disperse deposits formation) and the cauliflower-like and the spongy-like particles (the concept of „effective overpotential“) were also mentioned.



electrolysis; powder; particles; scanning electron microscope (SEM)

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