Reactions of 2-acetylpyridine-aminoguanidine with Cu(II) under different reaction conditions Scientific paper

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Marijana Kostić
Nikola Radnović
Marko Rodić
Berta Barta Holló
Ljiljana Vojinović-Ješić
Mirjana Radanović


Aminoguanidine derivatives are the focus of research because of their various biological activities, such as antiviral, antibacterial, analgesic, anti­oxid­ant and anticancer. Their complexes with different metals are also examined and many of them show significant biological activity, too. Besides, some of the complexes show good photoluminescent properties and are used for the preparation of photoelectronic devices. Therefore, the synthesis, physico­chem­ical, structural and thermal characterization of the complexes of 2-acetylpyrid­ine-aminoguanidine (L) with copper (II) are described here. Under different reaction conditions, Cu(II) with L gives three complexes of different compo­sitions. By varying the strength of basicity of the deprotonating agent used, it was proven here that the Schiff base given here could be coordinated in neutral or monoanionic form. In the presence of pyridine, a coordination polymer is obtained, while in the presence of ammonia/lithium acetate two different monomeric complexes were crystallised. Their physicochemical and thermal properties, as well as molecular and crystal structure, are determined.


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M. Kostić, N. Radnović, M. Rodić, B. Barta Holló, L. Vojinović-Ješić, and M. Radanović, “Reactions of 2-acetylpyridine-aminoguanidine with Cu(II) under different reaction conditions: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 88, no. 12, pp. 1265–1278, Dec. 2023.
Theme issue honoring Professor Vukadin Leovac's 80th birthday

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