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Vol. 87 No. 6 (2022)

Published: 15.06.2022

In silico identification of novel allosteric inhibitors of Dengue virus NS2B/NS3 serine protease

Scientific paper

Renato Araujo da Costa, Joao Augusto Pereira da Rocha, Alan Sena Pinheiro, Andréia do Socorro Silva Da Costa, Elaine Cristina Medeiros da Rocha, Luiz Patrick Cordeiro Josino, Arlan da Silva Gonçalves, Anderson Henrique Lima e Lima, Davi Socorro Barros Brasil


Toxic elements in children’s crayons and colored pencils: Bioaccessibility assessment

Scientific paper

Svetlana Đogo-Mračević, Slavica Ražić, Jelena Trišić, Nikola Mitrović, Danijela Đukić-Ćosić


Influence of boron doping on characteristics of glucose-based hydrothermal carbons

Scientific paper

Ana Kalijadis, Marina Maletić, Anđelika Bjelajac, Biljana Babić, Tamara Minović Arsić, Marija Vukčević


Application of microbial fuel cell for simultaneous treatment of metallurgical and municipal wastewater – А laboratory study

Scientific paper

Stefan Đorđievski, Hyusein Yemendzhiev, Ralitza Koleva, Valentin Nenov, Dragana Medić, Vanja Trifunović, Ana Maksimović


Self-aggregation of soil humic acids with respect to their structural characteristics

Scientific paper

Uroš Jovanović, Mirjana Marković, Đuro Čokeša, Nikola Živković, Svjetlana Radmanović


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