Novel silver(I) compounds with 1-adamantanamine

Dejan A. Jeremić, Milena Đorđević, Srđan Miletić, Ljubica Andjelković, Dušan Sladić, Ilija Brčeski


In this work, three novel silver(I) complexes with an almost com­pletely rigid and bulky monodentate ligand, 1-adamantanamine, were synthe­sized. The aliphatic amine, 1-adamantanamine, is the sole electron donor ligand in these complexes. In addition to spectroscopic characterization, the basic bio­logical activities of the new compounds were investigated and their minimum inhibitory concentrations were determined. The antifungal and antibacterial activities indicate that these compounds could potentially be applied as new therapeutics.


amantadine; silver(I) complexes; rigid and bulky ligand; NMR spectroscopy; biological activity

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